DETERMINED: Bryce Woodmass, left, takes on the Wallabys defence with plenty of gusto.
DETERMINED: Bryce Woodmass, left, takes on the Wallabys defence with plenty of gusto. Jake Jones

Winger keen to make an impact in Valleys A-grade side

EVERY time he gets the ball, Bryce Woodmass charges at the line, readies himself, and absorbs whatever impact is coming his way.

A winger with an attitude all about helping his teammates, Woodmass is a bloke it would be easy to have on your side.

Having been in Gladstone for just under a decade, Woodmass only decided to finally play rugby league last season, even then forced out of the ranks after half a season.

"Due to family reasons I had to pull out half way through," he said.

"I had six years off and came back to play with Valleys."

A New Zealander, Woodmass grew up playing rugby union, making the switch only when he arrived in Biloela following mining jobs across Queensland.

Naturally, rugby league was the sport to play in his new home.

Now back on the park in 2014, Woodmass is chasing a spot in the top grade, after playing for the Reserves last year.

"I worked with a guy who played for Valleys and he heard I could run really fast, so I am here," the 29-year-old said.

"I hope to play A-grade; I want to."

Enjoying his time with the club, Woodmass helped Valleys win a pre-season challenge over rivals Wallabys on Saturday.

Running away with the trophy, winning eight games to three (with a draw as well), Valleys showed why they are one of the most feared clubs in Gladstone.

For Woodmass, the job was simple, hang onto the ball and run hard, now he has found his calling in the heat of Queensland.

"I was I was born in Australia," he said with a laugh.


  • Overall- Valleys win challenge trophy
  • U7- Wallabys
  • U8- Draw
  • U9-Wallabys
  • U10- Valleys
  • U11-Valleys
  • U12-Valleys
  • U13-Valleys
  • U14-Valleys
  • U15-Wallabys
  • U16-Valleys
  • U18-Valleys
  • Opens- Valleys