THE THUMBS UP: Jack Brennan is ready to send the next team off on the challenge.
THE THUMBS UP: Jack Brennan is ready to send the next team off on the challenge. Lyn Harms GLA091117LOWMEAD

Winch willpower is on for Lowmead challenge

MOTORSPORT: It's on again.

Pulling power bragging rights are on the line with the Lowmead Three Car Challenge which starts today and continues through the weekend.

Even organiser Nic Dow said while competitor numbers will be down, the degree of difficulty will be up over the three days than last year.


How to get there
How to get there Lyn Harms GLA091117LOWMEAD

With less competitors, we have spent more time to make the stages more challenging,” Dow said.

"There will be 10 stages across the weekend.”

Making the challenges more difficult perhaps was contributed from Mother Nature.

"The tracks are rock hard, but with all the rain that we have had, there will be water in the creeks on each stage and there has been a lot of sand washed into them as well,” Dow said.

So why is the event down on numbers this year?

"A lot of people are taking the year off to work on their cars, but expect it to pick up next year again,” Dow said.

"There's 57 cars and 114 competitors with three cars per team.”

Dow said people are down from as far south as Brisbane, west to Emerald and up the coast from Townsville who are currently down at the Lowmead property.

Dow explained some of the criteria judges will look for during the weekend.

"They will be focussing on winching, driving ability and team-work and first place for each stage gets 300 points while those who don't finish a stage will get 20 points,” he said.

Dow said without the efforts of volunteers, the event would not happen and these include members from the Miriam Vale Touch Football who will be one of several marshals across the three days.


When: today from 3pm-Sunday 1pm Where: Clarks Road, Lowmead Stages: 10, 57 cars, 114 competitors