In sensational form, the Sunshine Coast’s Julian Wilson carves a line in his round one heat at J-Bay.
In sensational form, the Sunshine Coast’s Julian Wilson carves a line in his round one heat at J-Bay. KIRSTIN SCHOLTZ

Julian Wilson charging towards world crown

COOLUM'S Julian Wilson has enjoyed his best start to a professional season and is intent on going on with it at J-Bay as he makes a charge towards this year's world title.

The 26-year-old is equal fifth in the world standings and can go higher with a strong performance at this week's J-Bay Open in South Africa.

"I am generally a pretty slow starter and it has been better and I have worked on a few things," Wilson said.

"I have been able to get a stronger start than I have before so it is a good position to be in, but there is definitely room to move up still.

"I just want to kind of keep chipping away."

Seemingly at home at Jeffreys Bay, Wilson cruised through his opening heat on Friday to progress straight to today's third-round.

"I really just enjoy all the events on tour and I feel I can do well, and I just really want to focus on putting a whole year together by getting a result at each location," Wilson said.

He has done just that - apart from exiting in the second round in Brazil last month - most recently in his runner-up performance in Fiji a fortnight ago.

"It was a good bounce back. Brazil was a rough one so I wanted to go over there and get a good result, which I did," Wilson said.

Wilson has the full surfing repertoire but is particularly renowned for his aerial prowess and powerful big-wave surfing.

Quite simply, he can do it all, as highlighted by his Triple Crown victory in Hawaii last year - a result that secured him entry on to this year's world tour after an ordinary season.

"I have had a result at each location from here until Pipe, so I just want to try and get at least those results I had before if not better," Wilson said.

"It's a good spot to be in."

With J-Bay's right-hander point break perfect for the natural-footer, he tore the break to shreds in his opening heat.

"The waves are great," Wilson said.

"Bells and J-Bay are pretty iconic locations we go to that we all enjoy.

"It is pretty flawless point-break surfing, so it is really fun to surf."