Wilmar Sugar performing well.
Wilmar Sugar performing well. Peter Carruthers

Wilmar mills performing above budget

WILMAR'S mills are punching above their weight this week.

Throughput was above budget according to cane supply manager for the Plane Creek region, John Tait.

This week there was 57,000 tonnes crushed, bringing the total to almost 170,000 for the season.

"The factory generally crushed well, although an unplanned stop was required on Friday to repair a leak in the secondary mixed juice tank," Mr Tait said.

"A scheduled maintenance stop was brought forward to take maximum advantage of the down time."

Mr Tait said that the average CCS this week was 12.97, which was still slightly below budget.

"CCS is continuing to increase as dry conditions prevail, he said.

"The average bin weight remains high at 3.94 tonnes.

"The highest CCS for the week was 15.30, from a rake of Q240 first ratoon in the Mt Christian productivity district."