Cannabis plants growing at a facility on the Sunshine Coast.
Cannabis plants growing at a facility on the Sunshine Coast.

Will medicinal cannabis supply be disrupted?

AS THE world grapples to deal with the impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19) many are trying to understand what impact it will have on logistical supply chains.

When it comes to Medical Cannabis it is even more convoluted as Australians are forced to purchase Medicinal Cannabis sourced from UK or Canada.

The question remains then is Australia's supply of Medical Cannabis under threat.

According to Plantmed director Dr Teh said the Australian supply of medicinal cannabis is solid with no major delays in deliveries.

"I believe that general transport restrictions and slow downs may hamper imports, but currently there are no problems," Dr Teh said.

He said should the international supply be threatened Australia is in a position to produce locally.

"There is one producer currently supplying medicines that are wholly produced in Australia, and multiple other operations currently developing infrastructure to meet Australian Domestic and export markets," he said.

"In the long term, Australia should have ample supply for the domestic population, and will most likey be a leading exporter of Medical Cannabis worldwide."

"At the moment the number of legalized medicinal cannabis patients in Australia is approximately 38600 SASb approvals, though the estimates of illicit patients is thought to be anywhere up to 10 per cent of the population.

"Current approvals for domestic production mean that we should have lots of medicine for local patients and suppliers will have scale to support a large export market."

Dr Teh said constant supply of medicinal cannabis was very important and that if supply was interrupted symptoms would return.

"Cannabis medications should be taken with regularity for best effects.

"It is best not to have a shortfall in supply."

He said he believed the government should support the medical cannabis industry any way that it could, and promote Australian grown and manufactured medicines.

"This will be the best way to lower prices for patients."

Nimbin Hemp Embassy president Michael Balderstone said those forced to access blackmarket medicinal cannabis due to the prohibitive cost of imported medicinal cannabis would be finding things very hard during the lockdown.

"American States have deemed Cannabis Dispensary's are essential and should remain open and there has been a rush to stock up in many places with turnover through the roof."