Gladstone Woolworths will be offering free reusable bags over the next week.
Gladstone Woolworths will be offering free reusable bags over the next week. Contributed

Wildlife carer: Time for Gladstone to break up with plastic

REUSABLE bags will be free for the next week across all Gladstone Woolworths supermarkets, as the company looks to help customers get used to Queensland's ban on single-use plastic bags.

But a local environmentalist says the transition is simple enough - we just need to break-up with plastic.

Gladstone & District Wildlife Carers president Jodie Jones hasn't used plastic bags for the past two years, and said it was something we all needed to adapt to.

"It's not easy at first, obviously people are having teething issues but you have to adapt to changes," she said.

"It's also a significant expense for Woolworths to supply these reusable bags, but it's like a break-up. You've got to stop."

Ms Jones said a plastic bag had an average life-cycle of about 12 minutes.

"They are really the most pointless piece of material and they are causing a lot of damage when we throw them away," she said.

"They have about 12 minutes of use from the shops to when you take your groceries out of them when you get home."


Jodi Jones from Conservation Volunteers Australia watches of the turtle eggs at the Tannum Sands main beach.
Photo Paul Braven / The Observer
Jodi Jones with turtle eggs at the Tannum Sands main beach. Paul Braven GLA180116TURTLES

The mother-of-three said there was plenty of alternatives to use instead of bags.

"It's a hard one because everyone shops differently and has different requirements," she said.

"It's also not the end of the world."

With Plastic-Free July starting today, Ms Jones said she was glad Woolworths was staying committed to the change, but disappointed they gave some ground to complaints about the ban.

"I'm not perfect when it comes to plastic," Ms Jones said.

"I have given up the bags but I'm struggling to part ways with my body wash and just use soap.

"It really is a break up because you've been using plastic for so long. But we've got to do it.

"It'll benefit us in the long run."