Bundaberg Show 2016 Photo: Craig Warhurst/News mail
Bundaberg Show 2016 Photo: Craig Warhurst/News mail Craig Warhurst

Young girl injured after Brahman bull goes on rampage


A BRAHMAN bull has escaped its pen and gone on a 500m rampage at the Bundaberg Show, injuring a young female handler.

The bull escaped from its enclosure just before noon.

It then headed around the jumping ring where it threatened two older women watching the show jumping.

A witness said the women were trapped between the fence and their chairs for about 30 seconds while the bull buffeted them.

A brahamn bull got loose at the Bundaberg Show 2016 Photo: Craig Warhurst/News mail
The brahman bull that got loose at the show. Craig Warhurst


A woman from the other side of the fence tried to shoo the bull away from the pair by waving a coat at it.

Eventually it left, leaving the two women very shaken.

It then proceeded around the ring toward the undercover equestrian centre.



The ring announcer called over the loud speaker for someone to shut the gate and stop the bull, but they were too late.

The bull ran through the gate and past the equestrian centre and stopped near the horse yards.

A young female handler approached the bull and tried to secure the animal.

The beast charged her hit her in the chest and knocked her to the ground.



A male handler eventually secured the aggravated animal while people in the crowd went to the aid of the girl.

The man secured the bull to a fence and put another beast with it to calm it down.

St John Ambulance members gave first aid to the girl who was shaken by the incident.