It's think tank time after widespread violence

WE ARE hearing it from all quarters at the moment.

Drunken violence is rampant throughout our country - and it's time it was stamped out.

Magistrate Russel Warfield's powerful comments depict the frustrations of a person who has to deal with this unsocial behaviour every court day.

No one could envy him his position - and the great problem is the people just don't listen.

The penalties handed down by the courts don't seem to do anything to deter these louts who ruin it for others every Friday and Saturday night.

The message is out there folks - drunken violence is not at all acceptable.

It's time you learned the lesson and pulled your heads in.

It's think tank time - a time when various people in authority get together and come up with a solution which will work to curb this wanton violence.

Just think what our streets would be like if it wasn't for Operation Parasol, which has seen more police on our streets at weekends, and no doubt more idiots arrested.