Why young dad beat and tied up this dog

A YOUNG dad beat his rescue dog because it dug up irrigation pipes in their Southport backyard.

Daniel Ljubas then tied up Cash, his American Staffy, by a short chain to the backyard tap and left it without shelter and water for 45 minutes.

Witnesses in the street on June 12 last year recalled hearing yelping and thuds.

Ljubas's neighbour Bryce Harrington, who lived in the same complex, claimed he was woken by a dog in distress on that day.

Daniel Ljubas with lawyer Colin Greatorix outside of Southport Magistrates Court.
Daniel Ljubas with lawyer Colin Greatorix outside of Southport Magistrates Court.

He went to his window and saw Ljubas strike the dog several times to the head, as well as grab it by the throat.

Ljubas initially told the RSCPA inspector he hit dog three times "on the a***" and didn't dispute tying it to the tap.

He didn't dispute the allegations but believed they were reasonable in the circumstances.

"He believed that smacking a dog was not an act of cruelty. He's learned a bitter lesson," Ljubas's defence solicitor, Colin Greatorix said.

Ljubas pleaded not guilty in Southport Magistrates Court to failing to provide appropriate accommodation or living conditions and was cruel to an animal by causing it unnecessary or unreasonable pain.

But in handing down her decision on Thursday Magistrate Michelle Dooley found him guilty on both charges.

Ljubas was sentenced to 12 months' probation and must undergo an anger management course.

He was ordered to pay thousands of dollars in costs and cannot own an animal for three years.

No convictions were recorded.

Outside court, RSCPA solicitor Tracey Jackson said they were pleased that Cash could now find a new home.