This explaination has gone viral.
This explaination has gone viral.

'This is why you feel trucks are speeding past you'

A MOTORIST'S attempt to explain just why it feels like semi-trailers and road trains feel like they're "speeding" past you on the highway when you believe you're doing the speed limit has gone viral.

The writer behind the Facebook page Indefinite Leave shared how he came to the realisation they're not the ones speeding.

"The truck in front of me in this video was a long way back in my mirror and very quickly he was right on my tail and in a hurry," he wrote.

"I contacted him via my UHF to let him know I could see him and would help him overtake.

"We ended up having a good chat and he told me I was doing 93-94km/hr, but I had my cruise control set at 103km/hr so I couldn't understand what he was saying.

"He told me to check my GPS speed and it was really interesting to see the difference."

So he rang his mate who used to work for the police, who knew someone who's job it was to decide who gets fines and who doesn't.

He was told "they give a 10 percent allowance" and that "neither your in-car speedo or GPS is right because neither are at a calibrated speed".

"However, I've been watching and analysing this since it happened last year and I'd suggest that GPS is much closer to the correct speed," he wrote.

"My point is not to suggest what speed you should do but simply to explain why we see road trains and semis drive by us on the highway when we believe we are already doing the speed limit.

"Always drive to the conditions, don't take risks, it's not worth it. Arrive at your destination safely."

The video has been viewed more than 242,000 times and shared more than 600 times.

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