PHOTOS: Sunrise gives a great reason to get out of bed

SOCIAL media, it's a place you can spruik your latest foodie find, your exercise regime, and why you get out of bed the same time the sun is rising.

Gladstone residents are no different to the rest when it comes to the latter, many taking the chance to snap a photo of the pretty sunrise this week.

We asked our social networkers to share their photos of the sunrise from this week.

Anyone who's up by 6am would have noticed the sky is a red-orange glow - making for a great snap if you're by the water.


IF you're up early enough, you can spot some spectacular sunrises in the Gladstone region this time of year.

Early risers have taken to social media to post photos to those who are just waking up for the day - boasting the benefits of a morning walk.


From 6 - 6.30am most mornings you can spot the orange-red glow on the horizon. 

Bureau of Meteorology weather forecaster Damian Ousley said it was because of our clear, dry air.

"Because of the clear dry air we're seeing some really prominent sunrises," Mr Ousley said.



"If there's any dust or haze around it will make it even more pronounced.

"In the last few days there has been some fires around the area, especially around Callide, and because of the westerly winds those dust particles are getting into those red light beams," he said.

This week we're expecting more sunshine, so set the alarm if you want to see the sunrise for yourself.

On Sunday and early next week there is a slight chance of rain, which will put a momentary end to the pretty sunrises.