Holly Blackwell tells her story about what it is like for people who don't finish high school.
Holly Blackwell tells her story about what it is like for people who don't finish high school. Patrick Woods

Why this teenager chose to quit school

COAST teen Holly Blackwell isn't surprised only two thirds of the region's high school students are completing their Year 12 studies.

Miss Blackwell made it to the start of term two in Year 11 at Mountain Creek State High School last year before seeking something better suited.

"It was pretty easy to just go," Miss Blackwell, 17, said.

She had only been there since the start of the year, having previously switched between Kawana Waters and Chancellor state colleges.

"I just sort of called up and said I wasn't coming back and that was that.

"I think they agreed it was the best decision.

"My attendance wasn't very good.

"I just fell too far behind with school and having days off became easy."

She said the way lessons were taught at school didn't suit the practical way she liked to learn new skills.

"School didn't feel like we were meant to go to learn. It felt like we were meant to go to pass."

"The majority of my friends have left."

Miss Blackwell said of the ones who stayed, most just wanted to go to the school formal and graduation celebrations.

"I've probably got a few friends who have stayed to do it to get an OP to get into uni.

"Apart from that, the rest of them have stayed just for the formal so not really a solid reason."

But it was her only regret from leaving school.

"It would have been great to say I had finished Year 12 because my parents didn't and my sister didn't but I just felt like I would have been wasting time."

She said she wasn't surprised that figures showed about a third of students were not finishing high school.

"I remember in Year 9 everyone couldn't wait to get to Year 10 so they could leave.

"I think it is unfortunate that we all feel like we have to leave school because I feel like school is a big step in everyone's life and they make friends.

"You do learn... but I feel like high school is probably the biggest issue.

"From Year 7... onwards they need to have a bit more support for the kids.

"At the end of the day we are growing up - there are hormones, there is this, there is that - (schools need to) sort of bend with where they are going."

Miss Blackwell worked at a supermarket after leaving school before starting a Certificate III in business administration with the aim of qualifying for Year 12 studies.

But she didn't enjoy the course.

Miss Blackwell has been doing a Certificate III in individual support since August and is due to finish in December.

She said she was happy with the direction her life was going.

"I think if I stayed in school, for me personally it would have been a waste of time.

"I know next year I want to enrol into nursing and start from there."

She wants to become an enrolled nurse and then go to university to become a registered nurse.

"I didn't have that perspective with school."