Cross River Rail
Cross River Rail

Why this Labor faction is in trouble

STATE Parliament's descent into a house of rank dibber dobbers continues unabashed.

George Street Beat hears a complaint has been lodged with the Speaker's office about the entire Old Guard faction failing to update the register of members' interests, the disclosure log that caused Treasurer Jackie Trad a wee bit of trouble.

The tiny Labor faction, led by pint-sized Tourism Minister Kate Jones, are all in a bit of strife because their registers were not amended when the National Union of Workers was folded into the United Workers' Union.

We're confident they'll all move on to the big issues soon.


Tourism and Cross River Rail Minister Kate Jones
Tourism and Cross River Rail Minister Kate Jones

Keeping enemies close

AND we're starting to feel for the plight of poor Member for Pine Rivers Nikki Boyd.

Boyd drew the short straw and has been the lone Labor MP marooned on the non-government side of the Parliament chamber.

Yet even after the drama-packed resignation of Tiger in the Long Grass Jo-Ann Miller, Boyd remains surrounded by her political opponents under an updated seating plan.

At least Boyd is still next to Noosa Independent Sandy Bolton.

So maybe it's all just a devilishly clever long-term plan to keep the crossbencher on side, just in case Labor falls short at the next election as opposed a reflection on our Nikki.


Rogue Axe can be dangerous

WITH former Electrical Trades Union bovver boy Lance McCallum - known in some circles as "Fancy Lancey" - strutting into Bundamba, all eyes are on Jo-Ann Miller's reaction.

Fancy Lancey's left-wing union mates got him the nod with no proper vote from local branch members who might not have been too keen on the idea of a blow-in, who up until last Friday called an inner-city bolthole home.

Miller apparatchik and long-term Bundamba electorate officer Steve Axe has been uploading some rather cryptic posts to Facebook after being overlooked by his comrades.

Our personal favourite was a post about how you have to be a local to know where to get the best pies in Ipswich, complete with a picture of a half-chewed mystery meat bag.

Could Axe enter the Bundamba by-election race alongside One Nation and cause Fancy Lancey some problems in his new-found home?


For whom the poll tolls

WITH friends like Andrew Laming…

The federal Liberal National MP took it upon himself to launch a bit of an online push poll about Annastacia Palaszczuk versus Deb Frecklington.

Yet Laming's poll turned into a bit of a lemon when Labor types piled on and voted.

Palaszczuk was leading Frecklington 93 per cent to 7 per cent when Laming decided it was best to take it down.

No more crying over milk

IT APPEARS everyone has moved on after tears were spilt when Maleny Dairy was snubbed for a Queensland Health milk contract to supply hospitals.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Health Minister Steven Miles will be special guests at the launch of the diary's "Because We Care" campaign next Thursday night.

The campaign is aimed at convincing consumers to pay a few extra shillings for their milk so farmer can get a fair price.

Obviously that doesn't extend to government departments, which have to watch every dollar.

Big fish in little pond

AND speaking of Maleny, we hear the picturesque little hamlet has a new, somewhat infamous, resident.

Talk among the townsfolk is abuzz with sighting of their new neighbour, a former high-flyer with the unmistakeable frame and penchant for a hearty feed.