THERE'S more than 30 kinds of pumpkins, including Haag's Special, grown at Syd Haag's Boonah farm.

There's Desert Table pumpkins, Queensland Blue, Ironbark, Jarrahdale, Windsor Black, Bugle and pear-shaped, paw-paw, Japanese flap, crown prince, red butternut and even a pumpkin specifically grown from Gramma Pie.

The 86-year-old farmer has been tending to his eclectic 70 acre crops, which also includes four kinds of peanuts, for more than 30 years.

The biggest pumpkin he ever picked weighed 150kg.

In 2015, the well-known and respected farmer was named the Ekka Legend.

He's also known around the region for his three-decade commitment to running the Ipswich Showplace Markets every Sunday morning.

"I eat the pumpkins but also sell them at different markets," he said.


Syd Haag on his pumpkin farm.
Syd Haag on his pumpkin farm. Cordell Richardson

"My favourite recipe is using dessert pumpkins to make scones.

"Some of the varieties you can't buy the seeds for now, I only have the old type of seeds, I don't have the hybrid kinds.

"I have about 30 different varieties of pumpkins but it's only the big cattle pumpkins that take more than one person. All the others one person can handle.

"Haag's Special I have bred myself, it took about four years to do. It's more like a paw paw pumpkin but also similar to the butternut, it has a similar flesh.

Syd said his crops were more useful for eating and showing, as opposed to jack-o-lantern carvings.

"I didn't have any for Halloween this year because it's in between seasons," he said.

"I grow so many because I take them to the shows and there are all different sections for different varieties of pumpkins so I want to enter every one."