Jordan Kahu of the Broncos is tackled by Gareth Widdop (left) and Jason Nightingale of the Dragons.
Jordan Kahu of the Broncos is tackled by Gareth Widdop (left) and Jason Nightingale of the Dragons. GLENN HUNT

Why Kahu fears for his place with Broncos

FROM Kiwi Test star to the Queensland Cup - that's the very real prospect Jordan Kahu faces this year.

With David Mead cementing himself on Brisbane's right wing outside James Roberts, Darius Boyd at fullback and Corey Oates on the left edge, that leaves a vacant centre spot up for grabs.

Both Kahu and new recruit Benji Marshall have been training at left centre in a head-to-head battle for the spot.

While Kahu is favourite to secure the position, the New Zealand Test fullback isn't so sure.

"I've been training at centre and on the wing," Kahu told

"I've been giving Darbs (Darius Boyd) a break every now and then (at fullback) as well. If I play centre, I'll be happy.

"I know I don't want to be playing Q Cup. If I do get that centre spot I'll try and hold on to it.

"It's definitely something you have to be aware of, especially with the depth our club has with outside backs.

"We're not short for decent players. That could be a reality (playing Q Cup) but that's up to me. I've never been one to shy away from a challenge.

"If I do find myself in Q Cup, I'm definitely going to fight my way back."

Of his 55 career games in the NRL, Kahu's made 17 appearances in the centres.

He played six of those games last year with Jack Reed injured and later forced to retire.

Constantly changing positions, the 26-year-old admitted it's been difficult for him to find his groove as a "Mr Fix It" of sorts but he's certainly not complaining.

"There's bits in games I can't really knuckle down on because I never really know what position I'm going to be playing," he admitted.

"It's kind of helped me as well. I'm that versatile utility back.

"It's kind of worked in my favour - if I was locked into centre or fullback, I probably wouldn't be playing at the Broncos and it gave me a start in the Kiwis jersey.

"I can't really complain too much."

Kahu is still ruing his shot-clock blunder at the Auckland Nines that cost the Broncos a chance to go deeper into the tournament.

With 25 seconds to nail a conversion to advance his side to the semi-finals, Kahu failed to kick the goal before the buzzer, which secured victory for the eventual Nines winners, the Roosters.

Despite being one of the club's best over the two-day event, Kahu was shattered by the mistake but conscious of not letting it impact his season.

"Wayne's big on not carrying your divots with you," he said.

"When you make one mistake and dwell on it, you're going to make another mistake. I definitely used to be one of those players and now I know I can't."

That's why Kahu is itching to run out in Saturday's World Club Series clash against Warrington.

"It's still in the back of my mind," he said of the error.

"I need to play another game before it's fully gone. It'll stay with me for a little bit, knowing I let my teammates down and missed the chance to possibly go further in the comp.

"I need to play another game and make up for it and then all will be forgotten."