Why alleged bikie wants cop questioned

LAWYERS for an alleged Mongols bikie accused of consorting and possessing cannabis want his arresting officer available for questioning during a bail application.

Harley Joe Barbaro appeared briefly in Southport Magistrates Court yesterday after a police raid on his Ashmore home allegedly found a small amount of cannabis.

It is also alleged Barbaro, a member of the notorious Barbaro family, has been contacting four recognised offenders he was banned from consorting with.

Defence lawyer Campbell MacCallum yesterday asked for the matter to be adjourned so Barbaro's arresting officer Detective Senior Constable Peter Wilmot was available for questioning if required.

"Upon reading the material which has been provided, I can clearly ascertain there is some bad blood between the two of them," he said.

"Det Sen Const Wilmot has tried to drag me into this with information which might be privileged."

Police have alleged they heard conversations where Barbaro spoke on the phone Sonny Jenkins - who Barbaro has been prohibited from contacting - and discussed Mr MacCallum.

Police will allege Barbaro told Jenkins that Mr MacCallum had encouraged him to make a formal complaint about his arresting officer to get him to "back off".

Barbaro had contact with Mr MacCallum "almost daily", police will allege.

Mr MacCallum said it was because of the police allegations that he would be applying to have Det Sen Const Wilmot available for cross-examination during the bail application.

The allegations of consorting also include how Barbaro used the alias "Joe Barb" so Jenkins could call him from prison where he awaits trial for drug-related matters, police will allege.

Barbaro allegedly called Jenkins more than 100 times between February and May.

Police will allege that during the conversations Barbaro said he did not care about consorting laws as they were "unjust".

It is also alleged Barbaro had been contacting three other people he was prohibited from addressing.

When police attempted to question him about one he allegedly gave no valid reason and told police to "f*** off".

The 27-year-old was arrested yesterday after an early morning raid on his Ashmore home.

The matter returns to court this morning.

Originally published as Why alleged bikie wants cop questioned