Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor will nominate to serve another term on council.
Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor will nominate to serve another term on council.

Who’s locked in for 2020 election

Deputy Mayor Chris Trevor has thrown his hat in the ring to serve another term on the council.

He was the last of the current crop to confirm their plans for the 2020 elections, with all but two planning to run again.

Councillors P.J. Sobhanian and Peter Masters will not nominate for another term, meaning there will be space for a least two new faces on Gladstone Regional Council.

Cr Trevor made the decision after a "full and frank" discussion around the kitchen table.

"After speaking with family over Christmas I am happy to commit to at least another four-year term, subject to the will of the people," he said.

He told The Observer he met with a number of prospective councillors who sought advice on what to ­expect from public life and encouraged them all to give it a go.

"Everyone I've spoken to have been really good, community-focused people," he said.

But he did not sugar-coat the realities of council life.

"I tell them 'don't think it's a nine-to-five job, it's not'," he said.

"It's seven days a week and all hours of the day and night you can be called on."

Two new candidates have confirmed they are planning to run - Boyne Valley resident Mark McLachlan and Kyle "Ocka" Beale, whose past relatives served as councillors for the Calliope Shire (1905) and Gladstone Town Council (1933).

Asked whether the top job was of interest, Cr Trevor said he would not run against current Mayor Matt Burnett and his duties as deputy allowed him to fulfil a long-held vow.

"I made a promise to my Year 6 class at Central State School many years ago that one day I would become mayor of Gladstone," he said.

Stepping into the role as acting mayor was promise kept as far as he was concerned.

If returned as councillor, top of the agenda will be tackling council debt he said ha been reduced by about $50 million since 2016.

"When that balance becomes nil I will consider my job has been done and I will hang up the boots," he said.

Elections for mayors and councillors across Queensland will be held on Saturday, March 28. Nominations for candidates will be open between February 22 until noon, March 3.