Where you can find cheap petrol in Ipswich

RACQ is advising motorists in Ipswich to hold off filling up their cars until the price of petrol drops.

Currently the average cost of unleaded petrol is 124.5 cents per litre across the region which RACQ says is too expensive.

However, if you can’t avoid the bowsers today, Metro West Ipswich is where petrol is the cheapest with unleaded petrol costing 117.9 cents per litre.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find cheaper fuel in the region with most bowsers in Ipswich selling petrol for 141.9 – 147.4 cents per litre.

If you live in the Greater Springfield petrol in the region is still relatively pricey with the cheapest petrol available at United Springfield for 142.9 cents per litre.