Where are all the Taxis?
Where are all the Taxis?

Where are all the taxis in Gladstone?

MY husband and I joined a friend for dinner on Saturday evening. At 10pm we called a taxi to return home. At 11am we were still waiting.

I called Gladstone taxis to find out how much longer the wait would be.

I was informed that they had been extremely busy throughout the day and couldn't give me any idea how much longer the wait would be.

At 11.35pm we again rang and was told once again that they had no idea how long the taxi would be as they were had no control over what the taxi drivers did.

At 12pm we ended up walking home with no taxi still in sight.

This leaves me with a couple of questions.

1. If the minimum wait time on a normal everyday weekend is 2 hours how on earth will Gladstone taxi's cope leading up to Christmas when all the xmas parties etc start happening.

2. If this had been a young person waiting on the side of the road for over two hours and then having to walk across town late at night on her own, how safe to you think she would be, through no fault of her own.

Who then would be at fault?