Cameron Hope.
Cameron Hope.

Red tape debate: Mobile food business posed challenge

RED tape debate - how much paperwork is too much? We talk to Gladstone business owners to find out:

WHEN they first looked at setting up a mobile restaurant, Scrumptious Tatties' Cameron and Lachlan Hope realised there were a lot more processes involved than they first thought.


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The food safety supervisor accreditation was hard to obtain because it included on-the-job and online training.

Then there was the commercial kitchen approval from the council.

"We are not allowed to park on the council land from Kirkwood Rd to Redrover Rd," Cameron Hope said.

"We negotiated with a landholder to sell potatoes on their land."

"The perk of our business is moving around but you can't actually do that.

"I understand the risk for established vendors who are paying rates.

"It's just a challenge for us."

The best advice they got was to put their plan into the council before they started their business.

"We had a good contact in the council and they helped us through the process," he said.