There's no winning when it comes to insurance

OPINION: Some people hate the government, some the police, others the media.

There's nothing wrong with a little disdain for a particular industry.

But there's one that really gets on my goat.

Insurance companies.

We pay exorbitant regular amounts for an intangible product, that we hope never to use.

They use fearmongering in the first place to frighten us into buying their product, and it's usually only during our darkest moments that we need to contact them.

And then, amid a time of misfortune, we have to access their services.

And they charge us more, investigate us, hold out from us and make us feel as if we don't deserve the product we've been paying for.

And then, to top it off, the more people who pay to use the product, the more expensive the product becomes.


I have to applaud the individual who conceived the insurance business model.

Maybe I'm a little jealous.

I haven't had to deal with insurance companies that many times in my life, thankfully.

The times I have still haunt me as some of the most frustrating and confusing interactions of my 25 years.

The ability to find a loophole must be a prerequisite to employment at these companies.

Does anyone else care to have a rant about an industry?