Neil and Wayne Matherson celebrate 40 years of Matherson Crane Hire
Neil and Wayne Matherson celebrate 40 years of Matherson Crane Hire

What’s next for Matherson Crane Hire?

A BIG gamble in 1980 paid off for Matherson Crane Hire.

Since then, the business has had a strong focus on customers and culture.

Neil Matherson said he knew the business would still be thriving after 40 years.

"We do the right thing by people and that's how we get the work," he said.

The company operates a fleet of nine cranes, providing options to its customers.

"We carry so much lifting equipment on our cranes that when we get to a job, we can do just about anything," Neil said.

Neil retired from the business in 2007 and his children Wayne and Tanya took over.

Wayne Matherson is the managing director and said Neil provided inspiration for how to treat customers.

"One thing Dad stuck in my head was to never lose sight of the customers or the people that have gotten you where you are," Wayne said.

"Through the ups and downs of Gladstone we've always stood by and made sure we could serve our customers that have helped us grow.

"I sort of pinch myself every time we grow a bit."

The long-term picture is important to the business.

"We go in, get the job done well and safe and then the customer will get us back for the next 10 or 20 years," Wayne said.

"We're never going to be the cheapest on paper, but our quality and efficiency outweighs that."

Wayne has no grand plan to be the biggest business around.

"I continue to want to grow organically with our customers and look forward to new opportunities," he said.