The top trending baby names for 2016

ARE you pregnant and going to have your little one this year?

If yes, then you might have started searching for cool names for your baby, even if you don't know the gender yet.

Here are some trending baby names for this year (see the top 200 names on our website):

Boy names:

Arlo - derived from an Anglo-Saxon word, meaning "army hill".

Aspen - Meaning quaking tree.

Atticus - Meaning man of Attica, best known from the book To Kill a Mockingbird.

Colton - In English, the meaning of the name Colton is: from the dark town.

Curtis - Modern French courtois, meaning "polite, courteous, or well-bred".

Dale - An American English name, which means Valley.

Devon - An American name which means poet.

Edward - Derived from the Anglo-Saxon form, Çadweard, composed of the elements ead "wealth, fortune, prosperous" and weard "guardian, protector".

Eli - In Hebrew, the meaning of the name Eli is: High, ascended, or my God.

Felix - Latin word which means lucky, favoured by luck.

Finley - Of Irish origin, meaning fair hero.

Kit - Meaning carrier of Christ.

Lawson - Of English origin, which means son of Lawrence.

Ned - Of French Old English origin, which means protector, and prosperous.

Orson - A Norman French name, which means bear cub.

Otto - A Germanic name, which means wealth or fortune.

Rory - Of Anglicised Irish Gaelic origin, meaning Red King.

Roy - Of Scottish origin, which means Red.

Tobias - Of Hebrew origin, which means The Lord is Good.

Ziggy - Meaning the Protector.

Girl names:

Adeline - Of French origin, also meaning noble or nobility.

Audrey - An Anglo-Saxon name, meaning of noble strength.

Eden - Of Hebrew origin, which means delight.

Emi - Of Japanese origin, which means favour or blessing.

Florence - Derived from the Latin name Florens, which means blossoming flower.

Grace - Derived from the Latin name Gratia, meaning grace or the god's favour.

Harper - Of American English origin, meaning player of harp.

Jacinda - A Greek word for hyacinth.

Josie - Of French origin, which means God will provide.

Kendall - English, meaning the Royal Valley of Kent River.

Leila - From the Arabic and Hebrew name Laylah, meaning night.

Luna - Derived from the Latin meaning Goddess of the Moon.

Maja - Of Swedish origin, which means splendid pearl.

Mila - Of Czechoslovakian origin, meaning industrious.

Quinn - Of Scottish origin, which means wise.

Reese - A Welsh and English baby name which means fiery.

Reign - An English feminine name which means rule.

Scarlett - An English name which means red.

Sophie - From the Greek word Sofia which means wisdom.

Stella - A Latin and Swedish name that means star.


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