Readers shared their most haunting experiences in the region.
Readers shared their most haunting experiences in the region.

WHAT YOU SAID: Gladstone's most haunted places

WE asked and you answered...

In anticipation of the arrival of Halloween, we asked Gladstone residents where the most haunted places are in the region.

Scary stories are not a new concept for Gladstone residents. And while there's no shortage of places people claim are haunted in the region, the one still at the top of our list is Toolooa Bends, where police and paramedics said they spent hours searching for a mystery woman they saw walking the highway a few years ago.

Acting Sergeant Andrea Campagnolo said it was a strange situation and she was surprised at how quickly the woman had disappeared from sight.

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Resident Dale Critchley brought us back to the present, however, and joked there were many other places in our town that are haunted - including all our pubs.

"The amount of times I'd go to them (the pubs) with hundreds of dollars in me (sic) wallet and then leave with nothing, when I was positive I hadn't spent that much," he wrote.

"There had to have been a ghost stealing or spending it. That's what I'd try and tell me missus anyway..."

But Angelina Mossman put all jokes aside and dived straight into the scary stuff.

"I had a spirit of some sort in my house in Clinton who would terrify my child," she wrote.

"It used to, and I know this will sound weird but, hug me when I was sleeping and never when my husband was home. My husband asked it to leave as it was frightening our little boy. It went on for months and one morning it returned and held me so tight I thought I was going to lose my breath.

"I put it to my Facebook friends for help and my friend showed up with a sage stick that morning. I did my whole house and we've had no repeat encounters."

Do you believe Gladstone has its very own ghosts and spirits?

This poll ended on 08 November 2017.

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Of course. How can you not believe in them?


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Jack Heard weighed in on Gladstone's spooky spots too and told The Observer he'd been going to the milk factory for a few years now.

"Banging and footsteps are heard when you're upstairs and you can also hear them downstairs. There is a bad spirit in there," he said.

Greg Quinlan, who said he used to work at the factory years after it closed, agreed the place was haunted because of the lady's screams he used to hear there.

"A young lady died in a accident there many many years ago. It's her ghost. ," Leisa Fleming said about what was haunting the factory.

"There's an old house at Oaka Ln where buttons pop out of the wall... It (the ghost) hated anyone moving in. I was told by someone decades ago that they woke up with a feeling of someone on top of them strangling them, and buttons would just pop out of the wall. It's a really old house."

Susan Beale seemed to have a similar experience on Oaka Ln.

"When I was a child, a female visited me when I was in bed and woke me up... in a white nightie," she said.

"I never forgot it."

Emma James said another residence that was haunted was "the little blue house on Glenlyon Rd".

"Two houses back from William St there was a mass suicide of teenage boys. I used to see a woman in the bathroom every day and the boys did not like my friend. They often pinned her to the bed and hurt her.

"All day and night I'd hear footsteps of someone constantly pacing up and down inside the house."

Shockingly, Emma said there were even things like appliances that would move or switch themselves on.

But Cain Bergstrom made it clear that spooky situations did not necessarily stick to the confines of buildings, though.

He claimed there was a woman in a wedding dress that walks the road from Gladstone to Calliope.

Even spookier was Tara Wright's haunting recount of the time she saw faces in a camp fire at Flutter Creek.

"We didn't even notice them until we looked at the faces," she said.

The Hibiscus Gardens were also a source of conversation for locals, with Alice Salgado sharing what she experienced while working night shifts there.

"I heard footsteps and the shuffling of feet whilst I was up top but no one was awake," she said.

Alice said she would also hear noises like someone was making a cup of tea in the main kitchen. but nobody was there.

Where Gladstone's haunted places are:

  • Police Creek
  • The Milk Factory / Anglicare
  • Blue house on Glenlyon Rd
  • Toolooa Bends
  • Old River Ranch pub
  • Coal Point t Barney Point Beach
  • Hibiscus Gardens
  • 1 Ailsa St
  • Railroad pub at Calliope
  • House on Busteed St
  • House at Philip St
  • House neat post office on Chapple St
  • Flutter Creek
  • Central Soccer Fields at Sunvalley Rd
  • Old house at Oaka Lane
  • The road from Gladstone to Calliope
  • Archera Nursing Hine
  • Centenery Drive, Boyne Island
  • Top floor of the old Commonwealth Bank
  • The graveyard
  • The old fish and chips shop overlooking Tannum Sands beach