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WHAT YOU SAID: Disgusting treatment of ship crew

THE Observer's social networkers were disgusted to hear a crew of 21 docked in the Gladstone harbour  had not been paid for two weeks.

The men, from the Philippines, were transporting bauxite from Weipa to Rio Tinto QAL aboard the Japanese-owned AOM Milena.

A 21-man crew that docked in the Gladstone Harbour hadn't been paid for two months. The men, from the Philippines, were...

Posted by The Observer on Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Here is what you had to say on Facebook:

Kim Rooney: Not only disgusting but wrong! This story should have been broken before the ship left....that way at least we could have gotten the crew food and toiletries.

Simon Lay: Thats what Abbott and Hockey want for us

Odi Riedel: This has been happening for years. The worst part is when those people speak up or us helping them to get paid, the captain will have them thrown overboard during the night. You might win the battle but you won't win the war!

Ruth Geck: Disgusting

Robert Garrett: This is what ever one got to wake up about don't feel sorry for them they made them choses I bet they didn't feel sorry for the Aussie who where redundant and canal as lazy

Skhalk Ft: This reminds me of my home town where no one gets paid in Africa

Greg Watkins: That's what happens when a foreign workforce employed by a foreign company work Australian jobs with no Union protection.