Top 10 things you liked on Facebook this year

THERE has been plenty to talk about on The Observer's Facebook page this year.

We've compiled a list of the top 10 most popular posts, using the 'talking about' figure.

This figure is the number of unique people who created a 'story' about the post.

A story is a like, comment or a share.

1. Curfew for kids at Miriam Vale

A STORY in November about a curfew at Miriam Vale that keeps kids under 16 off the streets after 8pm generated plenty of discussion on Facebook.

The story put the small town of less than 500 people in the limelight as parents suggested the idea should be implemented elsewhere. 


2. Stockland announces start date for redevelopment

SHOPPING in Gladstone - what we have and what we don't - is always something that is talked about.

So when we posted a story in April about Stockland announcing the start date for its $160 million redevelopment, it got plenty of attention.


3. Strangers turn up to help elderly woman with garden

WE all love a story about the kindness of strangers, and this was a great one earlier this month.

Gladys O'Brien has a fractured back and can't tend the garden she has been nurturing for 51 years. 

But a group of strangers came to her aid and had the garden shipshape in no time.


4. Iconic macaw is back home safe and sound

WHEN iconic bird Vicden went missing, owner Duane Venema and friend Tameka Bishop took to social media to help find where the bird was located.

The three-year-old Macaw was reported stolen after she didn't return home one night from her daily free-flight outing.

Our story posted on Facebook in October generated plenty of discussion between those who were fans of Vicden, and those who weren't.


5. All roads lead to Bungaberg in sign writing bungle

WE all love a good giggle, and the mistake on a sign between Agnes Water and Miriam Vale provided it in March.

The sign pointed the way to Bungaberg, instead of Bundaberg.


6. Back to the future as drive-in movies return

THE news in September that drive-in movies would return to Gladstone was welcomed by plenty of people keen for a new entertainment option in town.

This topic has been one that has received plenty of attention this year, particularly after a few false starts before the movie nights got underway.


7. Satirical video puts boot into Gladstone industry

A YOUTUBE video that promoted Gladstone as a tourist destination - if you use plenty of imagination - and criticised the impact of dredging and mining on the Great Barrier Reef, clocked up plenty of views online and was shared widely on Facebook in August.

The video presented a new concept in holiday making - retrospective tourism, remembering the way things used to be.


8. Police divers search Lake Awoonga for murdered pair

POLICE divers searched Lake Awoonga near Gladstone in May as part of an ongoing investigation into the suspicious disappearance of Rockhampton pair Robert Martinez and Chantal Barnett.

The search lasted for three days, but no evidence was found.

Mr Martinez's remains were later found on a Rockhampton property in October.


9. Crash closes Bruce Highway south of Tannum

A CRASH that closed the Bruce Highway south of Tannum Sands in July was widely shared.

A man involved in the crash was flown to Rockhampton Base Hospital with internal and spinal injuries.


10. Mexican restaurant ready for Gladstone opening

NEW food outlets are big news in Gladstone, and the opening of Guzman y Gomez in June was no exception.

Facebook likers were keen to check out the new restaurant, and make the most of the opening day free burrito offer.