Aussie Farmers group created a map detailing farms around the country
Aussie Farmers group created a map detailing farms around the country Ellen Ransley

What you can do if your farm has appeared on 'attack map'

AUSSIE Farms executive director Chris Delforce has challenged Federal Agriculture Minister David Littleproud to a "public debate over the ethics of Australian animal agriculture" as more Gympie region farmers react to their presence on the animal rights charity's controversial online map.

Mr Delforce doubled down on his claim the map, made live on the animal rights group's website earlier this week, was "about transparency" after Mr Littleproud called it an "attack map" earlier this week.


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The interactive map is self-described as a "comprehensive, interactive map of factory farms, slaughterhouses and other animal exploitation facilities across Australia".

"We believe that consumers have a right to know what they're paying for when they purchase animal products," Mr Delforce said in an official statement.

"It was remarkable to hear the minister ... speaking of morality.

"If he truly believes that what this industry is doing is humane and ethical, he should have no issue defending its routine practices in a publicly televised debate.

"It was also pretty odd to hear the minister responsible for our nation's food system implying that after meat, dairy and eggs, the only remaining food available is grass - is he not aware of the existence of vegetables?"

Mr Delforce said he had emailed the minister's office encouraging a formal debate with an impartial moderator where both sides would be given equal opportunity to speak.

National Farmers' Federation advice: What if your property is on the map?

IF YOUR property is shown on the Farm Map the National Farmers Federation advises what to do to protect your privacy:

- Check if your name and address features on the Aussie Farms map. To view the map, go to

- Request directly for Aussie Farms to remove your details. For Aussie Farms' contact details, go to about#contact

- Complain formally to the Australian Information Commissioner. To lodge a complaint, go to individuals/ how-do-i-make-a-privacy- complaint

- Importantly, if you find images or other media linked to your property that may be the result of trespassing by activists, you should promptly refer the page to the police, via Crime Stoppers.