What would draw you to the Gladstone Show?

WHAT does Gladstone need to make its annual show a 'must go' event each year?

It's been said many times how the retailers in Rockhampton rub their hands with glee as the Gladstone Show date gets closer, and eating places such as Hog's Breath and Sizzler mark that day down as one of their record takings days of the year.

Why? Is it because shows have become a not-so-cool event these days, or is it that Gladstone's show is not providing what the people of the city, and its surroundings, want?

One would expect that any chance of the show's organisers knowing what our community expects from a show would be lost, given that the main people involved don't even live in our community.

We wonder what would draw people back to our showgrounds once a year - and we'd love you to tell us just what you expect.

Maybe we could turn the whole thing around.