SHARING IS CARING: Gladstone region councillor Glenn Churchill has thrown his support behind the #BringBackDundee campaign.
SHARING IS CARING: Gladstone region councillor Glenn Churchill has thrown his support behind the #BringBackDundee campaign. Matt Taylor GLA080218DUND

What the croc Glenn!

GLADSTONE'S campaign to #BringBackDundee has hit a snag, as reports emerge that Mckinlay Shire Council will write to Queensland premier Annastacia Palaszcuk in a bid to host a new Crocodile Dundee film.

The town in North-West Queensland is home to the original Crocodile Dundee movie, where memorable scenes were shot at the now iconic Walkabout Creek Hotel.

Short of petitioning Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and getting one up on the opposition, The Observer contacted councillor Glenn Churchill for his thoughts on the situation.

A calm mind, Cr Churchill believes Queenslanders have a unique opportunity to work together.

"The thing to understand is, it doesn't all have to be filmed in one location,” he said.

"These film crews are quite mobile.

"Rather than getting into a bar room brawl in the Walkabout Creek Hotel, perhaps we can embrace each other and share the love that we might all be able to benefit.

"Our slogan is we're the region of choice, so we'd like to think we can still be part of the choice.”

Previous Crocodile Dundee movies have been filmed in locations such as Cloncurry and Kakadu National Park.

To have the film reach Gladstone would provide the franchise the opportunity to explore more of what Australia has to offer.

The gateway to the Great Barrier Reef, Cr Churchill said a vast array of landscapes would be an important aspect of the reboot.

"When we talk about the various country pubs and the real true Australiana perspective, maybe it's time for Dundee to experience the Southern Great Barrier Reef,” he said.

"The first two are all about environments, so you went from the real outback to the hustle and bustle of New York City.

"If we're going to share the love, let's find the happy medium between the real outback, the real metropolis, and the Great Barrier Reef.”

With Gladstone still a hot favourite to host the film, and with more crocodiles than Mckinlay has people, it might still be the deciding factor.

Cr Churchill also believes we may have the hidden talent to pull it off.

"When I started to think about our country hotels, we've got so many Wallys,” he said.

"Salt of the earth type people who are not public figures, or not in the public eye all the time, but are genuine type people.

"I'd encourage everybody to go out and visit our country pubs, and I guarantee you that you will spot the talent.

"They're out there waiting to be found - Dundee will give them a chance.”