Gladstone Property Plus principal Wendy Burke.
Gladstone Property Plus principal Wendy Burke. Chris Chan

What to look for in an agent when selling your property

WHEN you are ready to sell your home it is wise to get three different agents to give you a market appraisal and talk to you. 

Make sure all partners are there for discussions with the agent so you can make decisions together.

This will give you an opportunity to meet the agents, compare their suggested prices and information, see what they can do for you and see who you feel comfortable working with through the sale. 

Choose only one as giving the property to one agent exclusively will be your best chance of getting the best service from the agent and attention to the property. 

If the agent is professional they will be able to guide you through presentation of the home and the whole selling experience. 

You should clearly indicate to the agent what you are comfortable with in relation to open houses, signage etc. and the agent should be able to tailor a marketing program that fits in with your schedule, budget and lifestyle.

Think carefully at the beginning about the right price for your house. 

Sometimes the first offer may be the best if the buyers have been looking for a while and know the market so don't automatically think you will get a better price later on. 

If you choose auction as the marketing method consider entering into a contract subject to finance that would be unconditional before auction date rather than lose those buyers to another property. 

Remember that an auction contract can include conditions for finance approval if necessary, and if buyers aren't cash buyers then this should be discussed with your agent during the marketing campaign to work towards a successful auction result. 

Auction is not right or necessary for every property and your agent should be discussing all methods of marketing with you.

It is important to be working with an agent who listens to you and understands your situation and needs and that you have a rapport with and can easily communicate with. 

Similarly you should listen to the feedback given to you by the agent, which should be a direct reflection of what is happening in the current real estate market. 

Your agent should be reporting to you after every open house or inspection of the property with at least weekly reports to you no matter what marketing method you choose to go with.

If you stick to this advice you should breeze through the selling process without any stress and be very happy with the end result.