Choccie savings a perk to working public holiday

WORKING on public holidays sucks.

It comes with the job.

And while we do get six weeks' annual leave, it's easy to forget that little perk when everyone else you know and love is relaxing in the sun with a cool refreshing cider in hand.

Or at least that's what you imagine they're doing.

I worked right over the Easter Break.

It wasn't fun.

On Easter Sunday, the only thing I would be hunting for was hot news leads.

And as much as I love news, Easter eggs trump every time.

In the lead up to my Easter office stint, I could sense the impending working long weekend depression (WLWD) upon me.

To stop the WLWD, I needed a plan of attack.

Something to take my mind off the doom and gloom, a glass half full kind of fix.

What could I look forward to about working when no one else has to (oh and without any bonus pay - the joys of journalism)?

I made a mental list.

I could look forward to peace and quiet - working in a newsroom is noisy.

It's filled with vibrant, loud, exuberant individuals, and that's what makes it so fun.

But it can also be nice to have the office completely to yourself.

No distractions, no waiting for the coffee machine, I think I might not wear shoes or make-up today - being alone can be nice.

I could also look forward to excellent savings.

As sad as it was to not be part of the fun on Easter Sunday, as I discovered last year, it's well worth the wait to hold out until just after and score some amazing choclately savings.

My housemate and I shopped up a storm on Easter Monday.

We'll probably have to start going to work naked as we won't fit our clothes and can't afford to buy any new ones.

I also realised I could still do something special to celebrate Easter - I may have been working during the day, but I still had my nights!

Make the most of it!

Soar high on the wings of successfully maintaining a busy work/life balance.

We cooked a beautiful Easter meal for friends and had such a good night that for a moment I completely forgot about work.

At least until 7am the very next morning.