Mya Lorensen, 3, Jessica Lorensen 33 weeks pregnant and Ellie Lorensen, 12. Photo: Bec Singh
Mya Lorensen, 3, Jessica Lorensen 33 weeks pregnant and Ellie Lorensen, 12. Photo: Bec Singh

What it’s like being pregnant during COVID-19

GYMPIE resident Jessica Lorenson is expecting her second child in a matter of weeks and said the coronavirus had made the experience very different to her first pregnancy.

"I was very anxious at first, it's a bit daunting," Ms Lorenson said.

"We could have no baby showers, we haven't had the chance to share time with friends, they just get updates on social media, like Facebook posts.

"We couldn't have a kid-free holiday before the baby arrives like the first time."

Ms Lorenson said she had noticed changes to her care and appointments at the hospital, such as less contact between her and the doctors or nurses and being offered appointments over the phone.

"I feel pretty safe at the hospital, they're all over their hygiene standards, like they usually are," she said.



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"I'm not super stressed, I know it's (coronavirus) obviously out there, but we've been self-isolating for about four weeks now, and only going out to get groceries or to appointments.

"I feel safe that we're doing the right thing and hopefully other people are too."

Ms Lorenson said she will be delivering her baby at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital where only her husband can be present, before being transferred to the Gympie Hospital where her daughter will be able to visit.

To minimise the risk of infection many hospitals are limiting patients to having one support person with them in the delivery room, but Ms Lorenson said she hoped that Australia doesn't impose further restrictions.

"No mum should have to go through that alone."