The curbs were full of water yesterday.
The curbs were full of water yesterday. Sam Flanagan

Wet start to your day Gladstone, clouds lingering

GLADSTONE residents will wake to a wet start this morning as a "decent" trough moves through the region over the next couple of days.

With a maximum of 26C, there is only a small possibility of 2mm of rain that could be collected in the region today.

Cooler mornings and wet nights are expected for Gladstone but Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Adam Blazak said it won't be enough to budge a rain gauge.

"Gladstone can expect about 1mm or 2mm stint this morning but a change will come through very late tonight, just before midnight and just after there will be a few more showers," Mr Blazak said.

"It's not a huge amount of course because the atmosphere is pretty dry and with decent troughs coming through it's hard to squeeze out a drop of rain.

"There won't be anything big enough to bother any rain gauges with about 25 per cent of rainfall."

By Wednesday morning Mr Blazak predicts cooler weather.

"Around sunrise the cloud coverage that's been lingering will disappear and we will be back to blue skies and sunny days," he said.

"Mornings will be in the single digits and will average to a mid 20C."