FISHING: Zane Read with the spoils from being out with Johnny Mitchell a beautiful King or Threadfin Salmon last Friday.
FISHING: Zane Read with the spoils from being out with Johnny Mitchell a beautiful King or Threadfin Salmon last Friday. Contributed

Heaps of catch about if you take advantage of wet weather

I HAVE no doubt that this Australia day weekend many will be feasting on all things seafood or standing over a barbie cooking up steak, lamb, sausages, and maybe some pan fried fillets of reef fish.

If you're not, then you gotta question whether you are Australian or not!

Here's hoping that all this rain will have all but gone come Sunday and, at the time of writing, this it looks as though Sunday the wind could drop right out come the afternoon but spring back up again on Monday, changing from a northerly to a south-westerly. Yuk!

Fishing in close to the land will be nice and smooth and, as you can see by Mark Patton's little haul from last Saturday up at Rundle or Rocky Island, there are still plenty of Spanish about. His biggest this day was 22 kg. Well done, Mark, but next time you can't find a crew please feel free to give me a bell.

Last Saturday was a glorious day to be out on the water and the wind dropped right out in the morning. Pat Laws was out at Guthrie Shoal about 25km north of North West Island and, even though he tells me that there weren't many fish, he still managed to bring home a nice feed.

Local Spa Express Sun Valley store owner Shane Forde took his family out to the reef the same day and latched onto this awesome cobia which took a long while to bring in.

Nevertheless, with the kids watching on as their Dad became the hunter gatherer of the family and bride Colleen helping with moral support in the background, Shane managed to bring it in and hold it up for the camera.

Check out the conditions, though, behind him. How nice is that?

This time next week those who are keen to put some barra in the freezer will be getting ready as the Barra season opens at midday next Friday.

There are heaps about, and if you are smart you'd be taking full advantage of the horrible weather this weekend to go exploring with your sounder.

The wet weather will certainly flush many species out of the rivers and creeks, along with a heap of prawns and crabs as they endeavour to find salt water.

You need to keep these things in mind, as the whole system will change over the course of this wet patch.

After Sunday, though, the weather looks as though it's going to come right and sea state will drop off as well. The full moon lunar phase over the weekend will bring huge tides as well but also the fish seem to become more active.

My pick for a feed would be whiting over at Southend or along the inside of Facing, maybe try the flathead on soft plastics around the river mouths and sand bars. Bream along the southern end of Curtis, between Hamilton Point, and Boatshed Point, in amongst the rocks and snags.

Up the narrows and in the dirtiest tidal run water there are still some threadfin as Johnny Mitchell's client and friend Zane Read found out recently.

Australia Day weekend in the Gladstone region; the only thing to make it better is for the rain to ease up, the wind to drop out, and the sea to flatten out.

That's not much to ask the big fella is it?