UPDATE: TWO men are in custody and another two are on the run after a spate of frightening robberies across the region this morning.

In total, four cars were stolen, a pub ram-raided and a number of residents left shaken after a group - one armed with a machete - stormed their homes and threatened them in an early morning crime spree.

The rampage began about 4am in Westbrook where a family was twice threatened with a knife before two cars were stolen.

Police also believe the 2am theft of a Pajero from Kearneys Spring later found in Westbrook is linked to the incidents.

The group then drove off without paying for fuel at a service station in Westbrook.

TWO men are in police custody after a second Toowoomba home was targeted by armed thieves this morning.
Two were arrested this morning while another two are on the run. Picture: 7 News Toowoomba. 7 News Toowoomba

Detectives believe the same group is related to the ram-raid of the Millmerran Hotel this morning.

Police say the group threatened an elderly man with the machete about 9.30am in Cotswold Hills, stealing another car before taking off.

Just a few hours later two men, 18 and 27, were arrested after travelling in two cars at high speed in close proximity before police deployed stingers and apprehended the pair in Felton South.

"We believe we have the offender with the machete, who used the machete, in custody," Superintendent Mark Kelly said.

Police Superintendent Mark Kelly. January 2019
Superintendant Mark Kelly talking at a press conference this afternoon. Bev Lacey

"Don't take offenders on, report them to us and we will catch them.

"We will catch the offenders and we will retain the vehicles."

Police are still looking for two more people they believe were involved in the violent ordeals.

Detectives are also appealing for information in relation to a stolen 2018 Toyota Hilux dual-cab ute with black rims and a bull bar and a silver 2007 Toyota Camry.

UPDATE: TWO men are in police custody after a second Toowoomba home was targeted by armed thieves this morning.

A police spokesman said an elderly man was confronted in his home at Cotswold Hills about 9.30am by two people, one of whom was carrying a machete.

Police arrested the pair this morning in Felton South and police are investigating whether the incident in Cotswold Hills may be related to the earlier 5am armed robbery in Westbrook this morning.

EARLIER: A WESTBROOK family has been targeted twice in the same night by a group of people who stole two cars overnight.

The family woke to find the group of people inside their home about 5am, rifling through the house looking for keys to vehicles.

The group stole the vehicle and left the property.

As the residents were reporting the matter to police, the group - at least one of which was armed with a knife - returned to the home and threatened the owner.

The group demanded keys to a second vehicle before fleeing.

The Westbrook family was left shaken and disturbed, but not injured in the ordeal.

Police are investigating.