Telstra fault infuriates

THERE have been some annoyed Telstra customers in Gladstone of late.

Due to a transmission fault, anyone who depends on the Mt Maurice exchange for mobile phone or broadband reception has found they have been without a signal since Monday.

Affected areas include Kin Kora and Clinton.

Telstra customer Chris Wallis is fed up with what he feels is a lack of response on the company's behalf.

"I don't believe they care," he said.

"I've been without reception for two days and all (Telstra) is saying is they're aware of the issue."

Telstra's Central Queensland general manager, Doug McClure, said the company had technicians investigating the problem.

"The issue is currently being dealt with and we are extremely apologetic to all customers who have been affected," he said.

"Unfortunately at this time I have no ETA for when the issue will be resolved.

"It could be a couple of hours or a few days."