Gladstone residents prefer The Simpsons over Family Guy.
Gladstone residents prefer The Simpsons over Family Guy.

Homer wins hearts in battle against Family Guy

THERE'S a war going on across Gladstone and we're all drawn to it.

The battle between four-fingered fun and a foul-mouthed baby and his talking dog takes place in lounge rooms everywhere.

And there's no middle ground when it comes to The Simpsons and Family Guy.

The Observer discovered most of us are flipping mad about Homer and his gang.

Of 40 people interviewed, five didn't like either show, 19 loved The Simpsons and 16 said Family Guy was their favourite.

The Simpsons, which is in its 26th season, is the brainchild of Matt Groening and a product of Fox Broadcasting Company.

Lovers of the show never tire of the antics of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie and the wide assortment of offbeat characters.

Family Guy, also a Fox production but the work of Seth MacFarlane, features an equally dysfunctional family - albeit with a more adult bent.

Parents Peter and Lois, children Meg, Chris and Stewie and family dog Brian feature among a cast of rag-tag offsiders.

Hayley Baldwin said she preferred the Groening's yellow peril over MacFarlane's risque offering.

"The Simpsons is funnier and it's been around for longer and Family Guy is a bit rude," Ms Baldwin said.

Anne Smith also appreciated the family friendly nature of The Simpsons.

"The Simpsons, because the kids like it," she said.

Fighting back in the Family Guy corner were Reece Condon and Amy Hughes.

"Family Guy, it's a bit more suited to adults," Mr Condon said.

"I definitely would have to say I like Family Guy better," Ms Hughes said. "It's timeless."

Sandra McLeod was in the minority, saying she couldn't stand either program.

"I've seen so many episodes of The Simpsons, I'm a bit over it and Family Guy is too rude," she said.

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