Wentworth star’s jailhouse shower confession



WENTWORTH star Kate Jenkinson suffered an unfortunate mishap while filming a brutal shower scene in the Aussie prison drama's new season.

The actor, who plays Allie Novak on the hit show, told the July issue of Foxtel magazine that the scene with returning character Joan 'The Freak' Ferguson left her literally peeing her pants.

"(Allie) had lured The Freak into the shower room with a syringe full of drugs," Jenkinson told the publication, out this week.

"We were filming in the shower for about five hours. I was drenched, I was wearing a wetsuit underneath my tracksuit and it was just way too inconvenient to go out, take all my wet clothes off, pee, then come back and put all the wet clothes back on. I just announced to the room that I was going to pee my pants, and yeah, it was accepted."


Kate Jenkinson on the Wentworth set. Picture: Sarah Matray
Kate Jenkinson on the Wentworth set. Picture: Sarah Matray


Wentworth's eighth season will kick off on Foxtel on July 28 and Jenkinson was excited for audiences to see The Freak back on screens.

"For me, you can't have Wentworth without The Freak; she's the ultimate evil," she said. "She has the power to disrupt everyone and everything … Any excuse to see Pamela Rabe go full feral."

When it came to how she would want her character to exit the series, Jenkinson said: "You can't be on Wentworth for six seasons and not want to die. I want to be thrown off a cliff or crushed in some sort of vice or something like that. I want a morbid, graphic death for sure."

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