Actor Sylvester Stallone in scene from film
Actor Sylvester Stallone in scene from film "Rocky Balboa".

‘Well played’: Newspaper’s hilarious prank

A world worried about the coronavirus crisis, it didn't have patience for April fools jokes with the day flying past with not much fanfare.

But the sports editor in Tupelo, Mississippi's Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal has delivered some much needed laughs in the sport section.

With the real sporting world in limbo during the crisis, editor John L. Pitts looked off to the silver screen for some inspiration.

The New York Post spoke with Pitts about the addition with movies such as Draft Day, Major League and Rocky getting a shout out.

The paper could also be opening up a new avenue with Quidditch, the sport played in the Harry Potter series, even getting the scores in the paper (a crushing win by Gryffindor incidentally).

Speaking to the NYP, Pitts enjoyed the attention the joke had around the world.

"You never know what's going to catch people's attention," Pitts said. "It was subtle, down in the corner of the page, but somebody 7:30 this morning caught it and sent the picture to me and it just went from there.

"We're doing this movie bracket thing, everyone's doing these sorts of things, and it just put the idea in my head. I actually started with the quidditch score and was sitting eating my breakfast, and Major League was the first thing I thought of."

Finally, Quidditch has made the big time.
Finally, Quidditch has made the big time.

In the midst of the pandemic, it was just the type of laugh the world seems to have needed with Pitts admitting hesitance in even adding the joke as it might not have been the time.

But with the seriousness of the situation dominating the news, Pitts said he just went for it. And fans reacted well.

It wasn't the only joke that sneaked through on the day, with an LA Lakers fan account trying its hand on the most wishful of wishful thinking.

While the Lakers already have LeBron James and Anthony Davis, it was also suggesting Portland Trail Blazers star Damian Lillard was unhappy with his side's front office and was looking for a move.

Coincidentally, the Lakers were top of the list for Lillard, according to the tweet.

Lillard himself shut it down super quick.

In our books the Daily Journal have a firm win in the April Fools' Day stakes.

Originally published as 'Well played': Newspaper's hilarious prank