Hayden Quinn has been eliminated from MasterChef. Picture: 10
Hayden Quinn has been eliminated from MasterChef. Picture: 10

‘Weird’ dish sends MasterChef fave home

Fans are "rioting" after MasterChef favourite Hayden Quinn's departure from the show.

"The most positive bloke ever" was sent home for serving up overcooked beef.

In the final episode of "twist week", the judges looked physically disgusted with various aspects of his dish, labelling it "not his best", "weird" and "clogged".

Contestants went head-to-head in a challenge cooking against the chef sharing their bench.

His departure left fellow contestants devastated, but none more so than his fans.

"That's it. I'm rioting. Hayden brought so much joy and positivity to MasterChef," one woman wrote on Twitter.

His departure came after contestant Ben Ungermann disappeared from the show.

"You're probably wondering where Ben is. Due to a personal matter, Ben has had to leave the competition, and he will not be returning," judge Jock Zonfrillo told the contestants.

In March, production company Endemol Shine released a statement saying that Ungermann had been removed from the cooking show because he had been arrested by police for what was described as an incident of a "personal nature".

Jock told Quinn - whose appearance on MasterChef was his third - that his beef was too well done and the mistake helped see him go.

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One fan on Twitter wrote: "Damn was really wanting him to win he was one of my favourites an he also put up some good looking dishes, sad to see him go".

Quinn told Ten Daily being on the show again was a rush.

"MasterChef is such an amazing opportunity, it's a little bit addictive, the adrenaline rush, all that is suddenly very hard to say no to," he said.

"Twist week was gnarly. But I feel like MasterChef is always twist week though. You never really know what's coming.

"You don't know what you've got coming when you walk into that kitchen. Going head-to-head is always tough but … it's a competition, not a love-in. People have to go home and, unfortunately, this week it was me."

He was the last chef to be booted before the show was overhauled as the coronavirus pandemic took hold and restrictions kicked in.


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