WHITING HAUL: Anne Blain and her cobbers caught these in Colosseum.
WHITING HAUL: Anne Blain and her cobbers caught these in Colosseum. Contributed

Weather watch pays off when heading out to fish

TOP SPOTS: It's been hot and cold all week with the southerly breeze then a northerly yesterday, and this morning waking up to a chilly southerly again.

Unfortunately, it looks as though the breeze is going to drop out briefly around lunch time and then build again from the south-east remaining around 10-15 knots (possibly higher at times) throughout tomorrow and only easing on Sunday afternoon.

One thing about it all though is that the tides are settling down as we move towards the last quarter lunar phase.

As far as the fishing has been this week, those who are wired into the system like Johnny Mitchell was earlier in the week with his clients like Essential First Aid business owner Brad Smith and his bestie, really smashing the spanish mackerel along with some who were targeting pelagics, and coming up with some good spotted mackerel.

There were also those who didn't do very well at all which really cheeses you off.

You put aside a day off, spend money on fuel, bait, new hooks and sinkers, then you have lunch, and a few beverages only to come home with a couple of fish because they didn't want to play.

Now I know some will have a go at me but I do buy a Fisherman's Almanac every six or so months which is a little yellow book on the counter at your local newsagent or at your favourite tackle shop.

On this wee book it has a rundown of the species around this beautiful country and then further on it shows various days where the moon is above and below our zone.

Now you will notice certain days are black and some are grey and others are just white.

The days which are coloured black indicate when they predict the fish to be most active and they are usually the first three days after the full moon and new moon and also the four days surrounding the first and last quarter.

I haven't been very successful fishing around the first quarter and Mark Patton and Johnny Mitchell will shake their heads, but these two can catch fish in a puddle on the side of the road, where as if I am going to spend a lot of money driving all the way to Douglas Shoals (250 litre round trip for me in a 28') plus spend money on ice, bait, lunch etc, then I really want to go out when the fish are supposed to be their most active.

Years ago I was given a fishing diary by my good mates Scott and Janene Shepherd for Chrissy or a birthday and the idea is that you record each trip; what you caught, what was the tide, moon phase and the time of the year.

I haven't filled it out as much as I should've but the theory is there and to be honest I have lived here since 1982 and I wish I'd recorded every trip.

Never the less for those who are the average Joe Blow, these little books are a help and reduces the times you come back with nothing.

Ann Blain posted a photo of a heap of whiting they caught this week while down at Colosseum and many good sized yellow fin.

For those with small tinnies, it's worth your while to explore this spot with the tide in but take a crab pot with you as there are a few around.

You can access via Wild Cattle Creek at Tannum or via the outside.

Brisbane Boat Show is on this weekend as well and no doubt many will be slipping down.

Just remember to check out what we have up here and give the local guy a crack at trying to match their prices.

No one can ask any more than to at least be allowed to give it a crack to get the business.