Licensed snake catcher Kris Foster.
Licensed snake catcher Kris Foster.

Weather has snakes on the move

Gladstone's temperate autumn is pleasant for snakes as well as people.

Snake catcher Kris Foster said several species are active between February and April, and although it doesn't get cold enough for them to hibernate in winter, now is typically a busy period.

The chances of encountering a brown are higher as they're common in the region and enjoy habitats where humans often find themselves; gardens, compost bins and anywhere with access to water.

Kris recommended keeping yards tidy and clear of palm fronds, long grass or sheets of metal.

He said children should be educated never to approach a snake and tell an adult if they see one.

In the case of a bite, he said to keep a first aid kit with compression bandages on hand to use while medical assistance is on the way.

If a pet is suspected to having been bitten, Kris said it is best to get them to a vet quickly.

He said to watch out for abnormal behaviour including loss of co-ordination, bubbling at the mouth and diarrhoea.

Cats have a tendency to play with native animals and should be kept inside if possible.

Although there are taipans in the region, Kris said they are secretive and highly alert animals, and are more likely hide if there are people around.

A full list of snake catchers in the region can be found on the Gladstone Council website.