Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby

We wouldn't have cared about Schapelle if she was ugly

LET'S face it ... we only ever really cared about Schapelle Corby because she was good to look at.

Had she been ugly, or even ordinary, we wouldn't have been so quick to jump on the "Schapelle's Innocent" bandwagon.

The eyes did the trick. And the nice hair. She simply didn't look like a drug courier and we didn't want to believe she was one.

Had she been ugly, or simply plain, it would have been much easier. She would have "got what she deserved" as a "no-good drug runner".

We might want to deny it but the appearance of things, and especially people, colours our thinking.

Are they "like us" is the first sub-conscious question we often ask.

For instance, if a gunman goes into a remote village and slaughters 30 innocent kiddies, we're barely interested.

If a gunman goes into a school in America and shoots a dozen who look like us - complete with beautifully groomed school photos - we care. Actually we weep. We even post stuff on Facebook about it.

To my shame I work in an industry that fosters, or at least reflects those values.

I say reflects because we have, over many years, come to understand what the public wants and cares about.

In a former newspaper life I would frequently make the call on international events that occurred close to deadline. Sadly, the more people "like us" were affected, the bigger the story became.

And so it was with Schapelle - she had a face that could sell. Why wouldn't you exploit that?

Recent events seem to show that over the years our fling with Schapelle has grown cold. She's a bit older now and we fear she has changed while in jail.

Maybe we think she's not quite "like us" anymore, or perhaps we simply drifted apart.

Interestingly, the Channel Nine telemovie on her dramas of the past decade failed to make a significant impact on the viewing public. Nine even re-ran the show, only to be outrated by Peppa Pig and Bananas in Pyjamas.

Really it's not her, it's us ... attraction fades I guess.