THE parents of Daniel Morcombe have today renewed their pleas for their son's remains to be released so he can be farewelled by the Sunshine Coast community.

Bruce and Denise Morcombe told a packed media conference that it was unacceptable that 11 months after Daniel's remains had been found that they had not been released.

Mr Morcombe said he understood that testing had been completed for the court process so there was no reason why the remains needed to stay as part of official evidence.

However, the couple are yet to hear from the accused defence's lawyer as to whether or not the defence team will require its own analysis to be undertaken.

Mrs Morcombe said her parents were now in their 80s and ailing so it was time that Daniel be given a proper farewell.

The couple fear that given the huge amount of evidence in the case the trial could be delayed further and Daniel may not be buried for three or four years.

"Daniel's case is very emotional for the public,'' Bruce Morcombe said.

"It's terrific that he has not been forgotten.''

"Clearly a lot of people have taken Daniel into their hearts and they, like us, want to say goodbye to the boy,'' he said.

"I think that's only right.

"There should be a proper send-off for Daniel and here were are 11 months down the track and we don't know where he is.

"Truly there is no difference no to the middle of last year or five years ago.

"We did not know where Daniel was (and) and we don't know now. It's just not fair.''

A Brisbane newspaper reported today that Daniel's remains had been tested in Adelaide, Melbourne and Auckland.

Daniel went missing in December 2003, sparking the biggest missing person's investigation in Queensland's history.

While the Morcombe family visited the site, Mr Morcombe said he and his wife had never had the option of seeing Daniel's remains.

Denise Morcombe spoke to the Daily last October, appealing for Daniel's remains to be released so he could be buried before Christmas.

Daniel's remains are considered part of the official evidence against Perth man Brett Peter Cowan, 42, who has been charged with Daniel's abduction and murder.

Bruce Morcombe had previously told media that he would like to have Daniel farewelled on December 7, the day he disappeared.

The Morcombes are hoping that if defence lawyers need to verify the DNA testing confirming the remains as Daniel's, they do it before any trial is underway.

But they have made it clear they don't want to jeopardise the case against Daniel's accused in any way or have to fight a later argument about whether the police testing was done properly.

The Morcombes expressed disappointment that more of Daniel's remains had not been recovered.

A number of small bones as well as shoes belonging to Daniel have been found in the Glasshouse Mountains.