Brisbane band Ball Park Music are headed to Harvey Road Tavern in Gladstone as a part of the 2019 regional tour.
Brisbane band Ball Park Music are headed to Harvey Road Tavern in Gladstone as a part of the 2019 regional tour. Contributed

'We owe a lot to Australia': Ball Park Music tour Gladstone

GIVING fans the opportunity to see Ball Park Music perform live is at the crux of the Brisbane band's upcoming regional tour.

The five-piece indie rock band will head to Gladstone for the first time next month as one of 20 dates on their massive regional tour.

Before hitting the road for their first stop at Byron Bay, guitarist and back up vocalist Dean Hanson spoke to The Observer about the upcoming tour.

"One of the main things is when we we think about having been around for the last ... 10 years, there might be people in places like Gladstone that have been fans of our band for a decade or half a decade that have never had the chance to see us,” Hanson said.

He said the set list will feature a mixture of songs off their five albums, including the most recent album Good Mood which was nominated for three ARIA awards last year.

"There's so many songs it's starting to become difficult,” he said.

"We always try and have at least a couple of the singles from each album in the set list.”

But even with five records in the bank, Hanson said there was still new music to come, promising a new song "as soon as possible”.

"We've started working on writing for the next release, which is coming along pretty well,” he said.

"It's always great when you've got a regional tour like this one ... you have 22 or 23 sound checks, but after the first few when you're going through all your old stuff you start to get a bit bored doing the same thing.

"So we'll ask our tour manager if we can roll into the venue an hour earlier than usual and just start jamming. That's how a lot of new ideas over the years have spawned for us.”

He said touring regionally was a way of saying thank you to the fans who've supported them for the past 10 years.

"For a band like us, we owe a lot to Australia, everywhere we've ever played in this country, whether it be a capital city or a small regional centre has always been super welcoming to us,” he said.

"We don't do a lot of touring overseas, Australia is certainly our focus.

"We kind of owe it to our country to get around and try and perform in all of these places.”

Although this visit is what Hanson described as "in and out”, he said one of the best parts of touring places like Gladstone was having the opportunity to plan future holidays.

"If you get a taste for (a place) you always put it on your list for 'when I have some time in the future I'm definitely going to come back and enjoy some meaningful time here'.”

Ball Park Music will be performing at the Harvey Road Tavern on June 20. Tickets are available now from .au.