Actor and director Wayne Blair is returning to Rockhampton this weekend after a busy year.
Actor and director Wayne Blair is returning to Rockhampton this weekend after a busy year. Allan Reinikka

Wayne’s world not too busy for Rockhampton visit

AFTER a whirlwind year promoting hugely successful film The Sapphires, Wayne Blair is looking forward to some down time in his hometown.

As well as celebrating his 20-year high school reunion at the weekend, the Rockhampton-born director will receive an honorary award from CQUniversity on Tuesday.

"I don't need many excuses to come back home, but it's good to come back for things like this," Wayne said.

This will be the most time Wayne has had in the region since the release of The Sapphires.

While it had been a busy year for him, Wayne said he had really enjoyed the projects that had come his way.

"Everything I've done so far I've had a really strong feeling about, and that has really driven me," he said.

"To me, while people get a bit wary of saying no to opportunities, I've found it's the things you say yes to that shape your career, so it's important to do the things that mean something to you."

One project Wayne has been proud to take part in is the new series of the acclaimed drama, Redfern Now, which starts airing on October 31.

As well as directing, Wayne has acted in a few episodes.

"Redfern Now is just a really great show to be involved in," he said. "I'm really passionate about the story and the cast is amazing."

And with the rest of the year tied up with various projects from directorial duties on the award-winning drama Offspring to shooting a short film with Rhys Muldoon, it could be a while before he's back.

"It's good to go full circle and come back to your roots," he said.

"It can be easy to get quite wrapped up in things in this industry, but I think coming from Rocky and being able to have time out there can really help keep you grounded."