Water projects gain support from CQROC

AGRICULTURAL production for the region is one of the main focuses for the Central Queensland Region of Councils, who is throwing their support behind the proposed Rockwood and Eden Bann Weirs.

The project will add an extra 112,000ML of water available for industry and agriculture.

"The focus on the agricultural benefits of building water infrastructure in conjunction with its benefits for the resource industry was a significant shift in thinking around agricultural production for Central Queensland,"CQROC chair and Mayor of Banana Shire Ron Carige said.

"As an example the proposed Rookwood and Eden Bann weirs will enable a holding capacity for an additional 112,000 ML of water potentially for agriculture.

"Irrigated agriculture can produce over an additional $1 billion per annum for the region. This means more jobs," he said.

In addition CQROC has been a major supporter and contributor in partnership with the RDA Fitzroy and Central West, the Queensland Government Departments of the Growing Central Queensland project.

This joint project will continue to contribute to the economic and community development of our region.

Fast facts:

  • Central Queensland produces the 2nd largest value of agricultural commodities in Queensland - $1.008 billion


  • Central Queensland has the most number of agricultural businesses in Northern Queensland - 3,156


  • Central Queensland has the largest area of agricultural farms in Northern Queensland - 11,569,339 (ha)