Raft Up party on the Boyne River on December 5.
Raft Up party on the Boyne River on December 5. Queensland Police Media

Water police supports raft party at Boyne River on weekend

THE Gladstone Water Police was tasked to a unique job on Saturday December five, Boyne Island's first Raft Party.

The water police were on hand while almost 100 rafts made their way down the Boyne River, to ensure everyone had a safe journey.

The events are held all around the world.

The world record for the largest raft up is1651 vessels and was held in 2010 at Lake Cumberland in Kentucky USA.

Rafting up is the roping together of a number of small vessels (usually inflatables or anything that floats) to form a raft-like structure.

Would you go to a raft party in the Boyne River?

This poll ended on 11 December 2015.

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Yes it looks like fun.


No I wouldn't swim in the Boyne River.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

The larger structure is then stronger and able to float for longer distances.

It also enables a social gathering to take place whilst the participants drift along. Events like this foster new friendships and community relationships.

"We are stronger together" is the message promoted by this event and aims to get people working together as a community.

Rafting up is not without its risks and police encourage participants to keep an eye on each other and minimise risks.

For example, treading water for a lengthy period of time can be exhausting and lead to health problems or fainting.

Of course  participants were reminded to be aware of normal water way rules, to be sun safe and make sure they did not litter.