Gladstone's water plant is at risk of contamination

THE Gladstone and Yarwun waste water plants have been highlighted as being at risk of high to extreme ground contamination - but the Gladstone Regional Council has played down the prospect of the plants causing environmental damage.

A draft environmental aspects and impacts register prepared by council staff highlighted several areas of concern, with the Yarwun and Gladstone plant facilities standing out.

It said efforts to limit ground contamination at the wastewater sites had not been as effective as hoped, with the sites given a "high" and "extreme" assessment.

However, Mayor Gail Sellers said the council had done all it could to limit the risk of the plants contaminating ground by limiting discharge.

"While these activities have been identified as high risk to the environment,the current processes and management measures are working by ensuring there is no discharge to the environment," she said.

She also noted that the register had given the council a better idea about the areas of concern so it could begin to act on areas of priority.

The council had stopped the spread of bio-solids on the Gladstone plant site and was investigating re-use of the solids, and there was no discharge into the Calliope River.

Meanwhile at Yarwun, the council insisted that all discharge from the plant met the requirements of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection.