TWO enterprising birds decided to save their wings by taking a short drive through the Rockhampton Botanic Gardens on a moving car.

A reader was driving slowly through the picturesque gardens this morning when the two birds suddenly hopped on his vehicle's side mirror.

The friendly pair seemed comfortable on their makeshift ride, sitting on the moving car for several seconds and happily chirping to each other before flying off.

"It was quite surreal," the reader said.

"Luckily my window was closed otherwise they might have flown in the car.

"I'm not sure what type of breed the birds were but they seemed very happy chatting away on the side mirror so they are obviously quite tame.

"I'm wondering if other readers have had similar experiences?."

The Rockhampton Botanic Gardens, built from 1873 to 1930s, is known to be home to numerous species of flora and fauna.

Rockhampton Zoo, located in the gardens, is also home to more than 80 birds in four different aviaries.

Native and exotic birds include the dazzling Macaws, Rose-crowned Fruit Doves, Nicobar Pigeons, Eclectus Parrots and Royal Spoonbills to name a few.

The gardens were added to the Queensland Heritage Register on July 23, 1999.

A Rockhampton Regional Council spokesperson later confirmed that the two birds in question were noisy miners.